As an account owner, you can invite your spouse/partner to securely view, edit and contribute to your Family Operating System™. This person becomes a Collaborator on your account.

What is a Collaborator?

A Collaborator is a person that will have complete access to your Trustworthy account. They will be able to add information and documents to each category in your Family Operating System.

Why should I add a Collaborator?

Collaborators are given full access to view, change, and add information to your account allowing you to build your family operating system together. You will each receive notifications about alerts, changes and updates. The only thing they can’t do is manage access, which includes removing others or sending additional invites. Only account owners can do that.

Adding a Collaborator Instructions

1, Login to your Trustworthy account (

2. Navigate to your account and click MANAGE ACCESS (see image below)

3. You will see everyone in your Family Operating System listed. If the person you want to add as a Collaborator is NOT listed, you can click the INVITE+ button. (see image below)

4. Simply click INVITE if the person is listed on your Manage Access page or if you are adding someone. You will be asked for their email address in order for an invitation to be sent to them. Be sure to click the box verifying this person can access your Family Operating System. (see image below)

5. Invitations include a secure link that enables others to join your account as a collaborator. Collaborators will be required to set up their own login with two-factor authentication for added security.

6. Once you have sent an invitation, your MANAGE ACCESS screen will show the invitation pending. You will also have the ability to cancel the invitation. (see image below)

7. Once the invitation has been accepted by your Collaborator, your Manage Access screen will show it was accepted and the person will be listed as a Collaborator. (see image below)

8. Your Collaborator now has full access to your Family Operating System. Now you can work together to get your family fully organized and prepared!

Remember, your Trustworthy Concierge is standing by to help you obtain documents or to answer questions. Your concierge can even be your collaborator and do the work of filling out your account for you! Feel free to reach out!

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