Security is an important topic and is our top priority. Trustworthy makes your information more secure with bank-level security, two-factor authentication and AES 256-bit encryption for all file access and storage. Our keys are automatically rotated regularly and are managed automatically by our infrastructure provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Additionally, our systems and processes regularly undergo reviews by independent auditors to ensure our safety and security practices meet or exceed industry best practices.

To ensure privacy of your files, Trustworthy uses “aliasing” to obfuscate information from the Trustworthy databases. Unlike with data encryption, these aliases are not reversible and cannot be solved - even by Trustworthy team. In practical terms, this means that the Trustworthy team members can never see information like passwords, account numbers, SSN, notes, etc. in your Family Operating System. As an account holder, only you and those who you’ve explicitly invited to access your data are able to see this information.

Additionally, the Trustworthy team has severely restricted internal access to any data on our servers. All requests to access the production servers for maintenance or updates are routed, verified, and authorized by two members of the Trustworthy executive team - who have undergone rigorous background checks and have a legal, vested interest in keeping customer data safe and secure. Upon completion of server maintenance, access is immediately revoked.

To learn more about the additional steps we take to protect your information, read more about our security measures here:

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