Introducing Trustworthy secure links, a safer way to share your family’s information.

Now you and your family can share files by sending secure links instead of attachments — from Trustworthy’s web and mobile app.

Secure links create view-only access for a specific file in your Family Operating System®. Secure links auto-expire to keep your information safe from unwanted access, and you can manage your secure links anytime from your Trustworthy dashboard.

Your family members or professional advisors can quickly view the shared file, and print or download as needed. You’ll receive notification when a secure link is accessed successfully, for added reassurance.

Simplified document sharing means more no hunting and searching your files and email for important attachments.

Auto-expiring links.

Choose from one hour, day, week, or month expirations. After a link expires, access to your information is revoked.

Easily shareable.

A fast, safe, and easy way to share IDs and documents with those you trust.

Personalized alerts.

Receive notifications when your files have been accessed and when they’ve expired.

You’re in control.

Revoke access to your links in your account settings at any time.

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