Emergency Planning: Your family's emergency contacts, supplies, and 'what-if' list

Get your emergency plans in place before life goes sideways.

With Trustworthy’s latest Emergency Planning category release, your family can better prepare for all life’s moments, big or small. Get and stay organized with shareable or printable letters and emergency instructions built into your Family’s Operating System®. Easily write letters to your family, keep your home’s emergency supplies updated, and share important documents such as instructions for babysitters, caregivers or household evacuation plan.

Letters to your family

During an emergency you may find yourself apart from other family members. Leaving a note or letter in your emergency kit can be a comfort or reassurance to other's if or when you're not able to be there. Check out the Trustworthy editor’s pre-built templates and guides.

Important documents ready when you need them

Whether it’s an evacuation plan for your extended family, or instructions to share with the babysitter, each document can be printed or downloaded from your Trustworthy dashboard.

Manage and verify your emergency equipment is ready for action

Stay on top of your family’s emergency equipment maintenance. From earthquake kits to go-bags to fire extinguishers, Trustworthy sets automatic reminders and manages locations of your key equipment.

Whether you’re looking to organize insurance cards, emergency equipment, or write a letter for your loved ones, Trustworthy’s here to help.

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