Collaborator access lets you invite your trusted circle and professional advisors to collaborate in one, many, or all your dashboard categories by creating custom access for each person you invite.

  • All-access collaborators allows you to invite your partner, spouse(s), or trusted advisor(s) to access and update your entire dashboard

  • Limited-access collaborators have filtered access to only the categories you’ve authorized, i.e., you can share only your estate planning documents or tax documents with an accountant

Custom permissions let you choose which categories individual members can access and gives you the flexibility to add, remove, or update categories as often as you like.

Customized to-do lists and reminders for each invited member keep your collaborators on-task and on-track.

To add a collaborator:

  1. Log in to your Trustworthy account

  2. On your dashboard, navigate to Manage Access

  3. Click Add Role

  4. Click Collaborator

  5. Choose from the populated list or choose Invite someone else, if the person you want to add is not on the list.

  6. If the intended collaborator is not on the list, when you click Invite Someone Else you will be prompted to enter their name and title (examples may be accountant, attorney, etc.).

  7. You will now have the option to give your new collaborator all-access or limited-access status. If you choose limited-access, you can then choose which categories you want your collaborator to be able to access.

  8. Once you have chosen either all-access or limited-access and the categories you want your collaborator to be able to access, you will then be prompted to enter their email address to send them an invitation.

  9. You can now assign your collaborator tasks to complete.

To assign tasks:

You can assign tasks to your collaborators right from your dashboard.

  1. Tap on the “” next to any to-do in Trustworthy

  2. Select an existing collaborator or invite a new collaborator to your Family Operating System®

  3. The to-do is assigned and your collaborator is notified that they have a new to-do

Your collaborators will only see the to-dos in the categories to which they have been given access: Family IDs, Money, Property, etc. You can update your collaborators’ access at any time using Manage access if you need to make changes to the scope of their role in the Family Operating System®.

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