A secure link allows you to share securely and have complete control over who can access your family’s information. Simplified document sharing means more no hunting and searching your files and email for important attachments.

  • Secure links automatically expire based on your selection, choose from one hour, day, week, or month expirations dates

  • Custom alerts send notifications when your files have been accessed and when they’ve expired

At any time, you can manage access and permissions and invite collaborators or revoke access using your account settings.

Create a secure link

  1. Choose the document or attachment you need to share with someone (an example might be that your loan company needs a copy of your driver’s license).

  2. Click on the item you want to share. In this case, navigate to the Family ID category and click on the photo of your driver's license.

  3. After you click on the photo, a new window will open showing the image. Click on the Share icon at the top right of your screen.

  4. A window will appear that allows you to choose an expiration date for your secure link – the link will expire and no longer be accessible after this time frame.

  5. Once a time frame has been chosen, a window will appear showing your new secure link, along with the expiration date you have chosen. Simply copy the link or click the email option to send the link to your desired recipient.

Navigating back to your dashboard and clicking Manage Access will show you the secure link you created, to whom it was sent, as well as letting you know when it has been accessed, how many times, and when it expires.

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